In order to keep our runners’ community informed, we would like to update the information concerning Covid-19 published on March 15th.  As of today (March 26th), we are working towards hosting the race in July. We remain very attentive to the news and the advice from the health authorities and we are evaluating the situation constantly.

Our priority is the safety of all participants, supporters, public and volunteers of Val d’Aran by UTMB®. With more than 3 months to go, we are still aiming to keep the original date, should the situation go back to normal. Nonetheless, we are proactive and wish to be ready, and for this reason we are working on different scenarios, if the circumstances and the government and the health authorities compel us to adapt our current intention. We will announce the future of this first edition the first week of May.

We remind you that, as it was announced on March 15th, we have extended the medical certificates’ delivery period until June 5th. On top of this the following decisions have been made:

  • Regardless of the final decision (if the original July date is kept or if a different decision is made), we will offer the possibility to move your registration to 2021. Once the decision has been made in early May, we will enable and will communicate the procedure to make this change. Until then, we ask you to remain calm and be patient.
  • Also in May, we will enable runners who wish to move to a shorter distance to do so, for those who feel that they might not be physically ready.

Because we are all part of Val d’Aran by UTMB®, during April, you will receive a survey form, so that all runners can let us know their opinion directly. Your opinion will help us make the best decision, taking into account the regulations and circumstances.

These are obviously challenging and uncertain times. We wish that the race takes place, because there is already a lot of hope, enthusiasm and work placed behind this first edition, and we wish to look after you: runners, your families and your friends. For this reason, please be understanding and keep your mental strength during this period.

We would like to thank those who work daily to fight this pandemic; please take care.

Warm regards,

Team Val d’Aran by UTMB®