Cledara is thrilled to be the Innovation Sponsor at the Val d’Aran by UTMB® trail run this July! As runners from all over the world challenge the Pyrenean 162km track, we will be joining forces with race organizers and sponsors to support this premier trail running event on its opening edition!

Cledara will take this opportunity to reunite the majority of our team members for the first time since the pandemic – and will take full advantage of the Aranese setting to connect, re-engage and most importantly, cheer on the athletes who have chosen to lay it all put in this valley, that represents the essence of the Pyrenees so well.

The amazing SaaS explosion

So what is Cledara exactly? And why are we sponsoring a trail running event in the Pyrenees? Good question. Well, just like an Ultratrail, professional high-performers train everyday to do great things are work. Increasingly they are supported by amazing software that’s designed to help with every imaginable task. But increasingly we see that they need help to overcome the challenges of dealing with and managing the growing amount of software and processes that too often do not communicate across applications and teams.

Cledara helps them do just that by allowing companies to discover, buy, manage and cancel their cloud software so that they can scale their business, reduce risk and save money.

How did we get here?

Over twenty years ago, Salesforce ushered in the era of the cloud, and SaaS is now a core part of the way we work. It’s hard to imagine what most companies would look like without Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack or Zoom helping them collaborate, innovate and serve customers.

This has created a titanic industry with more than 50,000 software vendors jostling for attention. Certain industries are particularly crowded – there are almost 8,000 marketing software companies alone! This market chaos translates to chaos within companies as well: A 50 person company has on average 45 SaaS susbscriptions across more than 70 different categories. While 94% of CFOs say that cloud software is critical for business growth, it’s now getting out of control and the flipside of the great value is becoming clear.

What worked two decades ago doesn’t work anymore. CFOs and IT managers have realised that managing a growing cloud software application is not a challenge they can overcome by themselves anymore. They need help.

The flipside of all this SaaS

“Fragmented software across a company is the cause of tens of hours of unnecessary administrative work every month, even for relatively small companies. And this isn’t just a productivity issue. This wasted time causes poor employee engagement, undermines company culture and risks staff churn.” – Cristina Vila, Founder and CEO, Cledara

This wasted time translates into wasted money and processes that don’t scale. In fact, globally, it’s estimated that 30% of SaaS spend is wasted on forgotten, unused and duplicate SaaS. These “hidden costs” of SaaS are slowing companies down.

(If you’d like to learn more about the Hidden Costs of SaaS, read our hidden costs blog here)

Control your mountain of SaaS

Taking control of SaaS can be a lot of work – but it doesn’t have to be. Cledara provides visibility over all SaaS assets, simultaneously empowering teams with the SaaS they want, while providing control for teams to grow responsibly.

If you are ready to conquer SaaS at your company, we are happy to advise and help. Drop us a line at or check us out at

We wish you a fantastic trail run and look forward to seeing you conquer the Pyrenees!