The first edition of Val d’Aran by UTMB® has come to an end. Four races, 3,116 runners, 2,110 finishers. Nobody said it was easy, because if it was, the route would not be so spectacular. 389 women and 2,727 men crossed the starting line in order to cover the 162 km of the VDA, the 105 of the CDH, the 55 of the PDA and the 15 of the SKY.


941 runners accepted the challenge of running the 162 kilometers that make up the flagship race of Val d’Aran by UTMB®. 475 managed to ring the bell. Of the forty women who gathered at the starting arch located on Avenida deth Pas d’Arró, in Vielha, 20 were the ones who managed to finish the challenge.

The VDA has had a total of 466 withdrawals, 426 voluntarily, and 40 because they exceeded cut-off times. The fastest, Ionel Cristian Manole, completed the course in a time of 23:56:26, while the Portuguese Joao Sanchez, the last rider to cross the finish line, did it in 47:52:04.


The 105 km race that started on Friday, July 9 at 7:30 am from Les, brought together 951 runners, including 65 women, of whom 37 managed to reach Vielha. In total, 619 finishers, which represented 65.09% of the participants.

The CDH has had a total of 332 withdrawals, of which 306 were voluntarily and 26 due to exceeding the cut-off times. The fastest was Aritz Egea from Gipuzkoa, the first runner to ring the Val d’Aran by UTMB® bell, after a race time of 13:03:25.

Frédéric Nousbam was the last CDH participant to arrive, after 27 hours 52 minutes 19 seconds.


973 people embarked on the challenge of completing the 55 kilometers that make up the Peades d’Aigua route, the PDA, a fast but demanding race that crowns almost 2,600 meters and enters the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici. 768 runners reached the finish line. In total, 171 women participated, 114 of whom were awarded the finishers medal.

The PDA had a total of 205 withdrawals,119 by choice, 87 by time.

The Castellón runner David Prades was the first winner in the history of the PDA, completing the route in a time of 06:06:43, while the Portuguese Antonio García Picado was the last, reaching the finish line after 13:54:39 race.


SKY kicked off on the morning of Saturday July 10 in Beret. 251 participants, 248 finishers, 113 women, and 3 withdrawals in total.

The 15 km of the SKY were conquered by Jordi Alis, in the men’s category, with a time of 01:13:28, and Anna Comet in the female, who completed the route in 01:28:55.

The Spanish Tessa Balcells was the last to arrive after a time of 03:56:24.

Trail Festival Baqueira Beret

The kids also added kilometers in the Trail Festival Baqueira Beret, held on Saturday, July 10. A total of 120 children were encouraged to cross the starting line of the different children’s races that gathered at the Pyrenees station. 25 of them ran the 5 km of the Corsa des Sanglièrs proving to be future VDA runners.

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