One of our concerns is the impact of many participants when passing through the trails of Val d’Aran. 

For more than a year now, we have been working on the recovery of old trails and the cleaning up of existing ones so to well-define Val d’Aran by UTMB® itineraries to minimize the erosion on the natural spaces along the territory.

We advocate the conditioning of the valley’s historic paths and the signposting of these, which will also help to promote tourism in the area in a responsible and sustainable way.

Races towards sustainability

In order to help protect the formidable natural heritage we live in, we have set up an environmental committee willing to preserve this playing field which means that much to us.

During the event, we will have teams of field volunteers to raise awareness of the need to respect the natural areas of Val d’Aran. These volunteers will be involved in preserving the routes before and after the event, while helping to measure the amount of waste generated.

Remember, they will also be authorized to penalizse those who treat the environment poorly!

Bet on sustainable sports!

Four magical distances will take you through the Val d’Aran territory, crossing over mountains and peaks, running in the woods and amongst delighful alpine meadows, lakes, old mines, dreamlike huts and typical Aranese villages nestled in the mountains. Routes where the land and the water draw a varied and wild landscape, where the water takes an exceptional role in its passage through more than 20 high mountain lakes with unbeatable views over the Pyrenees.