Val d’Aran

by UTMB®

Can you imagine the wild UTMB® of the Pyrenees? Did you know there is a hidden valley between France and Spain? A valley where rivers form hundreds of lakes, where summits touch the sky and where you can be guaranteed a great adventure. Welcome to Val d’Aran by UTMB®, where all the elements will come together and join you during this challenge.

The new mountain running event in the heart of the Pyrenees.

Three distances will run through our mountains and valleys. Torn dera Val d’Aran – VDA (Val d’Aran Tour), at 162km (100 miles), goes through summits, forests, alpine meadows, lakes, old mines, dream shelters and typical villages in the middle of the mountains. Camins de Hèr – CDH (Iron Tracks), is 105km (65 miles) where soil, minerals and water will mark a wild and diverse route. And finally, Peades dera Aigua – PDA (Water Footsteps), is 55km (34 miles), where water takes an exceptional center stage, going through more than 20 high mountain lakes.

A wild, natural and authentic valley is waiting for you; the essence of the Pyrenees.

Val d’Aran by UTMB® is the fifth event of the UTMB® family, joining other iconic and touristic destinations which are particularly appealing for trail runners keen to explore the world: UTMB® Mont-Blanc, Gaoligong by UTMB®, Oman by UTMB® and Thailand by UTMB®.
As on all other “by UTMB®” events, finishers of Val d’Aran by UTMB® will be able to collect their “Running Stones” and ITRA Points and get a direct entry for UTMB® Mont-Blanc without having to go through the lottery.
As long as runners have enough ITRA Points and Running Stones, they will be able to enter the UTMB® Mont-Blanc race of their choice. The Running Stones accumulated are valid for a four-year period. For example, runners can collect them in 2021 to access UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025’s races. If they aren’t used within this period, they will be lost, or it will be necessary to change them into a ticket for the lottery.

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