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If I don’t have enough ITRA points at the moment of registration, could I register with the aim of obtaining them later before April, 4th 2020?

No, even if you can get it until April 2020; you should have them at the moment of registration. Check if you have them before the registration in ITRA or UTMB official website.

When do i have to upload the medical certificate?

You do not have to upload it at the moment of registration. Once you are registered, you will have access to a private platform to manage your participation, there is where you have to upload it before the deadline.

How can a manage my registration until the race?

Once you are registered, you will have access to a private platform in the website to manage your participation. Over there you will be able to contact us and, for example, later, you can reserve a seat on the bus, upload the medical certificate, get the disclaimer form, etc.

Do i need an accident insurance?

Following the current legislation, you must have an accident insurance the day of the race (federation or private company) which includes cover for “mountain races” and unlimited medical assistance. If you are not sure about your covers or you do not have one, at the moment of registration you can hire an accident insurance for the race.

General event information

If I’m a Val d’Aran by UTMB finisher of VDA and CDH races, Do I have direct entry to UTMB® races without going through the raffle?

Yes, being finisher, you will get a number of Running Stones and, as long as you have enough ITRA points, you will get direct entry to UTMB 2021 races or any of the following 3 years.
VDA grants 18 Running Stones (and 6 ITRA points) which gives direct entry to UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® or OCC.
CDH grants 15 Running Stones (and 5 ITRA points) which gives direct entry to CCC®, TDS® or OCC.
PDA does not give direct entry, but it grants 9 Running Stones valid for 4 years. For example, two times being finisher of PDA race will give you direct entry to UTMB.
Follow this link for more information about the new entry system to UTMB:



Will the organization offer any type of transportation for runners to take them to the different start lines (Vielha – Les – Beret)?

Yes, we will provide our runners with a bus service that will stop in every village located in the main road to take them to the different start lines. Transport will be free for runners and a payment service for supporters. On March, we will publish the bus stops, timetables and you will be able to reserve your seat. 



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