How to arrive?

Plan your trip

Due to the particular mountain orography of the Val d’Aran, ALL access to the valley are by road.


If you travel by plane

The closest airport is Toulouse, in France, 166kms away, with international flights.

There are 3 ways to get from Toulouse to the Valle de Arán:


  • Regular line: Frequency two per day

 By car (2h00): TOULOUSE – VAL D’ARAN

  • Car rental

On-demand service: TOULOUSE – VAL D’ARAN


The closest airport in Spain is Barcelona, 350kms away, and the one recommended for international flights.

There are 2 ways to get from Barcelona to the Valle de Arán:

 By bus (5h30): BARCELONA – VAL D’ARAN

  • ALSA regular bus line: Several frequency per day. Check rates and schedules at

 By car (3h30): Barcelona – VAL D’ARAN

  • Car rental


If you travel by train

The closest towns to the Val d’Aran with train service are:

Lleida-Pirineus (AVE) at 165kms. Connection by regular ALSA buses or car rental.

In France: Montrejeau (Regional) at 60kms and Toulouse (TVA) at 165kms.


Distance from the main cities

In Spain:

Barcelona: 310km  (recommended for international travel)
San Sebastián: 308km
Lleida: 145km
Girona: 360km
Bilbao: 409km
Valencia: 480km
Madrid: 582km

In France:

Toulouse: 165km (recommended for international travel)
Bordeaux: 361km
Pau: 157km
Tarbes: 161km
Montrejeau: 60km