Press area


All press contacts interested in the event must contact

If you want to receive our press communications, you must request it via e-mail, identifying your media.

If you wish to cover the event on site, we will soon enable a form to request your press credentials. 


How to apply for credentials?

In the coming weeks, a credential application form will be enabled in this section.

The credential application form will appear on the website. You must fill in all the fields. Only one form is to be filled in per person. When you have completed the form, click on SEND.

It is very important that you frequently check the email address you include on the form, as much of the information for the credential holders will be sent by email.

A window will then appear indicating whether the application has been successfully made.

Credential pick-up

Credentials may be picked up during the event, on 9, 10 and 11 July 2021, at the credentials booth at the Village venue, showing the credentials you will have received by email.


Press credentials entitle you to enter the restricted areas within the venue, but do not allow to enter the areas exclusively reserved to organisation staff.

There will be no credentials for press vehicles.

If a credential holder fails to comply with any of these regulations, the organisation reserves the right to remove their credentials.