Corporate Social Responsibility


With everyone’s commitment


Fully aware of the relationship between the natural and social environment in which we live and the activities we carry out, we are committed to caring for the intrinsic value of Val d’Aran territory and its different realities.

Lines of action and concrete measures:

1. CSR as a driving force

With the aim of harmonising all the tests we are developing in the natural and urban environment, in relation to CSR values, we impose on ourselves the development of responsible practices so that they constitute a significant motor for our competitiveness and for a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy at the local level.

2. Participatory governance and transparency

We seek to maximise the creation of shared value between all parties involved in the project.

We firmly believe that the application of CSR criteria and values, in effective collaboration with stakeholders, contributes to generating and reinforcing positive impact. And, at the same time, it helps to identify, prevent and eliminate negative impacts and create more value not only for our own organisation, but also for those stakeholders involved with our activity and the local population.

3. Responsible Resource Management

Aware of our role as promoters of activities with a large number of visitors, we support the achievement of sustainable human, economic and environmental development over time for the region.

We believe in a fair and responsible evolution towards a more competitive economy, which leads to sustainable development and achieves social progress in rural areas such as Val d’Aran.

4. Responsible Social Investment

We are committed to increasing equal opportunities through the promotion of peer-to-peer activities as an element of social cohesion that helps to reduce the participation gap between men and women.

Val d’Aran by UTMB® is an element of attraction for long term investment and encourages responsible and sustainable growth. We are oriented towards promoting sustainable development of the territory, from an economic, social and environmental point of view. And we involve public administrations in this process.

5. Sustainable consumption

Sustainable consumption implies making conscious and critical consumption, which is demonstrated both when buying a product and when hiring a service by efficiently using the resources available. 

As an organisation, we are based on two maxims, which are to consume less and that what we consume is as sustainable and supportive as possible. In addition, we introduce measures to raise awareness, sensitize and involve all participants in their decision making, which will contribute to integrating these practices as individual responsibility and to the promotion of a sustainable, ecological and supportive territory.

6. Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is an indispensable requirement for our organisation with a sustainable vocation, as it has to reconcile care for the environment with the development of sporting events in the natural environment.

This line of action will include measures aimed at promoting respect for the environment through the implementation of actions concerning the control and responsible consumption of natural resources, the minimisation of environmental impact, or the promotion of clean technologies, among others.

7. Coordination and participation

In this line of action we intend to articulate coordination mechanisms between the different public administrations, both at regional and local level, in order to promote the principles and criteria of CSR, as well as to encourage the exchange of experiences with participants from other countries.

The commitment voluntarily assumed with the interested parties will be the basis for fulfilling the expectations generated by the organisation.