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Val d’Aran section by section

Emblematic routes not to be missed! Enjoy at Val d’Aran while training sections of our flagship races. Here are some great routes for planing your holidays to the Pyrenees. Tracking a workout has never been easier. Tap any extract of Torn dera Val d’Aran (VDA)Camins de Hèr (CDH) and Peades dera Agua (PDA) to begin training.

Route #1: Around the Artiga de Lin area

14 km

1.375m D+ | 1.375m D-

Artiga de Lin chapel

Route description
Circular track through the surroundings of Artiga de Lin and Uelhs deth Joeu, considered areas of outstanding natural beauty and one of the most stunning places in Val d’Aran. The first part of the tour runs along “Camins dera Aigua”, a gentler path through woods and charming waterfalls. The second part of the hike begins at Refugi de l’Artiga and climbs up to Pas dera Escaleta, a magnificent viewpoint over the Maladeta mountain range. A comfortable descent through Còth dera Montjòia will take us to the starting point.
Track included in the VDA race

Route #2: Around the Porèra area

15 km

765m D+ | 765m D-

Tredòs (bridge upwards)

Route description
Circular track beginning in Tredòs. After a gentle climb up in the direction of Baqueira we reach Val de Ruda. At this point, we will take the track on the right to start a steep slope through woods and terraces towards the Porèra plateau, an area of high scenic value with alpine meadows. The descent is gentle along the road that goes to Banhs de Tredòs. A few meters before reaching this point, we will turn right on the path leaving Aiguamòg dam on our right to end the route in Tredòs village.
Track included in the VDA, CDH, PDA races

Route #3: Around the Tuca area

17 km

1.300m D+ | 1.300m D-

Vielha (City Hall)

Route description
Tuca is the mountain that dominates the village of Vielha. This circular section will route us through the Bargadera Valley and along the last kilometers of our three race courses. Leaving Vielha behind, we will start our run in the direction of the Solana Peak, passing Betrén, Escunhau and Casarilh villages towards Garòs village. At this point, the path takes us on a steep ascent through the interior of a forest and reaches the Val de Bargadera. At Santet de Escunhau we continue path up to Cauva pass, the last highest point of the three courses. It then descends through Tuca forest on an nice and easy hike back to Vielha.
Track included in the VDA, CDH, PDA

Route #4: Baretja – Poilanèr

18 km

1.350m D+ | 1.350m D-

Còth deth Portilhon

Route description
An easy circular route that will more than lives up your expectations. It highlights one of the best areas along the VDA course. Starting the route at Còth deth Portilhon, few meters away from the border, we will climb through a magical forest to reach Còth de Baretja that offers astounding views over the Salvaguardia mountain. After a short ride down we will be reaching France and then follow the track on easy grounds until we reach Poilanèr cabins. At this point of the VDA track, we will be able to climb pretty wild and smoothly towards Tuc de Poilanèr. We will continue several kilometers through a continuous mountain hike taking in few easy summits with stunning views over Vall de Luchon and Val d’Aran. Beginning the descent from Tuc de Aubas, on the path towards Còth de Baretja, we will take the same path to Còth deth Portilhon.
Track included in the VDA course

Route #5: Tuc d’Ermèr

18 km

1.610m D+ | 1.610m D-

Honeria Mountain Hut

Route description

A circular route throughout one of the wildest places in Val d’Aran; Val de Toran. Surprising paths with a mining heritage will take us slowly to the top of Ermèr summit, where its north-east face dominates the amazing Toran Valley. The route starts from Honeria refuge and head up on the left side of the mountain. We will continue up to the small dam of Toran and enjoy the hike along a winding path through Gòter de Uèrri. Once we reach the pass we will go in search of Tuc d’Ermèr walking through alpine meadows. We will experience magnificent views of the Pyrenees and of France´s grasslands. We will return along a different path instead of going back the way we came. We will go back through Bedrera valley, along the old mining road towards the Honeria. A wild area with the most stunning scenery this side of the Pyrenees.

Track included in the VDA and CDH courses


Route #6: Colomèrs – Tuc dera Salana

22 km

1.525m D+ | 1.525m D-

Banhs de Tredòs

Route description
A circular route through the main viewpoints in Val d’Aran that will make you feel the true essence of the territory. The route encircles the largest amount of glacial lakes in the Pyrenees around Colomèrs cirque. You will be entering a protected area embodied in Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, which represents an invaluable natural heritage. Along the way, you will be able to spot more than 20 mountain lakes. The route ascents to a height of 2,600 metres. Starting from Banhs de Tredòs, we way up between lakes towards Còth de Pòdo (the highest point in our three courses). The pass descents towards Colomèrs refuge on a smooth and runnable path. But before the end, we climb route up the Tuc dera Salana not to miss the natural spectacle of the north-face of the Montardo mountain. A fast and wild descent will take us back to the starting point. We can stretch out the section by combining with route 2.
Track included in the VDA, CDH, PDA courses

Route #7: Montpius – Montcorbison

24 km

1.725m D+ | 1.725m D-


Route description
No doubt about it, is one of the most classic routes in the area. A circular route recognised for its iconic mountain, Montcorbison. The route climbs upwards and completes the first kilometres of the VDA course. At 2,000 meters altitude you can catch panoramic views over Vielha. Starting with a strong hike along Pomaròla, the route winds its way along Nere river through woods and alpine fields to Montpius peak. At this point, we will continue on the rim of Tuc de Letassi and Montcorbison and spend some time enjoying the amazing view of Aneto peak. A steep walk down to Vielha, passing through Bassa d’Oles, will lead us to Gausac by a magnificent path inside the forest.
Track included in the VDA course

Route #8: Arties – Coriedo

27 km

1.815m D+ | 1.815m D-


Route description
This circular route starts from the attractive village of Arties, an enjoyable pathway through a green forest to Montromies area. The hike is a flat an easy run that also comes with tunnels used in the Arties Electric Station. At the end of the path we will reach an excellent vantage at Pruedo plain. After a quick descent we will arrive to Ressèc facing next a climb up to Coriedo (700 meters cumulative gain along 4 kms distance). After Coriedo Còth, a wild descent will take us to Santet de Escunhau, taking the right track that guides us all the way down through Bargadèra forest. At the valley botton area we will walk on by Camin Reiau and Baños de Arties and return to the starting point.
Track included in the VDA, CDH and PDA courses

Route #9: Liat – Montgarri

27 km

2.030m D+ | 1.385m D-

Honeria - Montgarri

Route description
Linear route, therefore, we will have to manage the transport on departure and arrival. The whole route is a stretch of the VDA and the CDH, in our opinion perhaps one of the best stretches of our careers. In the 27 kms. we will have different types of landscapes. A first ascent from the Honeria through Grauèrs to the Còth de Uèrri. From there we enter the high mountain, bordering the Estanh de Liat (one of the largest in the Val d’Aran) we will begin the ascent to the Còth de Urets, below the imposing Maubèrme. Urets and its mines are the high point of this route, at almost 2,600 metres above sea level. We will discover its mining past and the magnificent Montoliu valley with its lake. Once we reach the Còth de Montoliu, a long but comfortable descent through meadows and woods will take us to Montgarri, an abandoned village that is the end of the route. Take the opportunity to recover your strength in its refuge and visit its old church.
Track included in the VDA and CDH courses

Route #10: Short PDA

44 km

2.920m D+ | 3.246m D-


Route description
Linear route. These are the last 44 km of the PDA, which largely coincide with the last of the VDA and the CDH. This is our longest proposal. A tribute. It has a first 17 km of continuous but easy ascent until the highest point of the three races, the Còth de Pòdo and Estanh Gelat at 2,600 meters, in the middle of the Colomèrs lake circus. This route will take you through more than 25 lakes and high mountain dams. From the Colomèrs Hut you will chain the passage through two valleys and their hills. The first pass, the Còth de Ribareta, will give you access to Montcasau, Loseron and Ressèc. Then you must attack the Còth de Coriedo to reach the Val de Bargadèra. A final climb will take you to the mountain of Tuca, from there a six kilometre descent to the finish line at Vielha.
Track included in the VDA, CDH and PDA courses