Torn dera Val d'Aran - VDA


We are runners and we like to run; we like challenges. Would you dare to take a complete tour around Val d’Aran?

Air, fire, earth and water; you will find yourself immersed in all these elements as you run around the valley.
162km with 10,600 metres of ascent is what is waiting for you in this spectacular race.

Starting at sunset and leaving Vielha, after just a few kilometres, you will conquer 3 summits above 2,000 meters. You will have the feeling of flying over Vielha and the whole valley. When the night falls, you will traverse Artiga de Lin, an exceptional natural space. Accompanied by the moon, you will cross Escaleta’s pass, Montjoia and you will link several peaks running over the ridge at 2,000 m until reaching Baretja’s pass. From there, through a steady descent, you will arrive to Bossòst, where you will find the first life base.

Fire is one of the most important elements of the Aranese culture, and Les is a population with deep-rooted traditions. Crossing the town, you can appreciate Eth Haro, a fir tree that is around 10 meters high, which is burned every Summer Solstice. From Les, you will get to the heart of Val de Toran, probably the wildest valley in the Aranese mountains. Close to sunrise, you will go through the ancient but charming villages of Toran, like Canejan and Sant Joan de Toran.

Early morning lights will transport you to the important mining past of Val d’Aran. A long ascent from Sant Joan de Toran will carry you to Liat’s lake. You will get close to Mauberme’s base, an important mountain of 2,880m. Port de Urets’ passage, at 2,500m is one of the highest points of the race. A few meters away, and leaving behind the old mining tunnels, you will run through the antique iron mines of Urets, with panoramic views over Montoliu’s lake and the principal chain in the Pyrenees; Aneto and Maladetas, Montarto, Montlude… After reaching Montoliu´s pass, a long but easy descent will take you to Montgarri’s Sanctuary. From Montgarri, after a smooth ascent, you will arrive to Pla de Beret, marking the 100km point of the race, and where you will find the second life base. After traversing the plateau, at 1,800m above sea level, you will have to go down to the valley. Two villages will be waiting for you; Bagergue, declared one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, and Salardú, Naut Aran’s capital.

From Salardú, the landscape changes completely; you are getting close to the National Park of “Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici”. The pass through Porèra will give you an outstanding panoramic view of all the mountains in the Park. Right after you will go by Banhs de Tredòs, natural hot springs that are known since the Roman era, and which are the door to the National Park. You will then reach the cirque lake of Colomèrs, with more than 50 lakes, which form the biggest glacial cirque in the Pyrenees. You will run by more than 20 lakes, reaching Pòdo’s pass, the other highest point of the race, at 2,600m. On your right side you will leave Colomèrs lakes to confront Ribereta’s pass, change of valley and go through Montcasau lakes. An easy and fast descent will take you to Ressèc, in the valley of Valarties. From there to the finish line, two last demanding ascents will be waiting for you of 700 meters and 300 meters, to crown Tuca’s peak. Once there, you will have Vielha at your feet. The last kilometres will be run through the forest and will take you to the end of the race. 162km where you will go through the whole valley and its landscapes.


Technical data

Asphalt 4% | Track 13% | Trail 83% | Highest Altitude: 2.610m

*The track could suffer variations due to meteorological reasons and conditions of the terrain.

Track measured with Polar technology.

162 km

10.700m D+



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