What to do?

Discover Val d’Aran

Val d’Aran, known as “The Essence of the Pyrenees”, is a valley facing the Atlantic in the central Pyrenees, where the Garonne River originates. It covers 620 km and 30% of its territory is above 2,000 m in altitude, with peaks reaching 3,000 m, characteristics that make this place a favourite spot for nature lovers. Val d’Aran who shares terrestrial border with France, has a unique climate, perpetual snow, exquisite cuisine, unique language and a strong cultural heritage. More than 95% of the Valley’s territory is pure nature, a large part of which is located in the “Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici” National Park.

A four seasons paradise


Ideal for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts because of the many different routes the valley has to offer at the foot of the mountains.


A place with its own personality, where a spectacle of colour encompasses the most beautiful shades in the palette of warm colours, from ochre to the most intense brown through gold, beige and caramel.


A natural treasure nestled in the central Pyrenees where 30% of the territory rises above 2,000 metres. A real paradise for snow lovers due to the absolute predominance of white with 360º perspective.


Once the white mantle that envelops the valley in the winter months disappears, pure wild nature flourishes, giving rise to an endless number of routes, paths and tracks that run through its territory from one end to the other.

Closely linked to the Occitan culture of southern France, the Val d’Aran is made up of 33 villages with just over 10,000 inhabitants. It is characterized by an architecture based on stone, wood and slate, Romanesque style buildings, narrow streets, surrounded by intense nature. This valley offers many cultural treasures, starting with an important artistic and monumental complex, composed mainly of a large number of Romanesque churches.

Outdoor activities

The arrival of spring brings with it the thaw, an excellent time to make contact with the landscape, culture and idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants. A wild nature gives way to an endless number of routes, paths and tracks that run through its territory and the valley becomes the perfect place for trail racing. The demands of its orography make it the destination of choice for many runners.

Active tourism

Val d’Aran not only hides an endless number of possibilities for sports practice. There is also a cultural offer that at the same time highlights a territory full of history, beauty and also beautiful secrets still hidden in its villages, some of which shine with their own light during the festival of San Juan, a night full of illusion and magic, where young and old enjoy jumping the traditional #EthTaro.

Snow sports

Val d’Aran is a destination mainly known in winter for Baqueira Beret ski resort, the largest in Spain. Whether you ski and combine your favourite hobby with the best après ski in the Pyrenees, or you are simply looking for a cool destination where to spend winter in front of a good fireplace, you will find everything you are looking for on this side of the Pyrenees.

Biking – Btt

Discovering nature by bicycle is one of the most intense experiences you can enjoy in Val d’Aran. There are signposted routes both by mtb and by road. Moreover, its great orography allows you to enjoy other adventure activities in a unique environment, from climbing, via ferrata, rafting, and canyoning, among others.


Val d’Aran is a territory that stands out for offering nature in its purest form, where the great quality of the biodiversity that has been preserved over the centuries stands out. Thus, the fauna, flora and green landscapes in summer, are a great attraction, which will hook you from the first day. Enjoy the wide variety of quiet riverside routes linking villages or technical descents through lush forests.